Our staff here at TRACQS make up a team of valued employees that we want to celebrate! So today we’re introducing you to Karen, Employment Consultant in the Dimbulah region.

Karen has lived in Cairns for the past 35 years with her family, which includes a husband, three children and two grandchildren. She has been a part of the Dimbulah community for the last seven years, living on her cattle property and enjoying country life.  

Before working for TRACQS, Karen had connected with local Indigenous groups for over twenty years in the hospitality and retail industries, and owned a shop in the Cairns city centre that responsibly displayed and sold Aboriginal Art. With this business closing in 2018, Karen spent several years focusing on her cattle property, particularly as COVID-19 reached its worst.  

In 2021, Karen was in contact with TRACQS as a participant in need of work. After making an impression on the team, whom spoke with regularly, Karen was offered a position as an Employment Consultant with TRACQS, which she eagerly accepted.  

Every day is different for Karen as an Employment Consultant. Working in remote locations, she helps participants overcome barriers to employment, connect to services they may find helpful, and provide them with practical support on their employment and personal journey.  

When Karen is in the office, she enjoys collaborating with the TRACQS team to achieve the best results for participants.  

“The TRACQS team are very friendly and approachable, and always ready to assist. I have enjoyed being more involved in my Dimbulah community, and knowing my participants more personally, I feel I am able to assist them better.

I find it enjoyable to help people overcome their barriers and progress into full-time employment. I have helped participants pursue their goals, whether that means obtaining their licence, addressing their health, or developing their business or employment goals.”

– Karen.

Since joining TRACQS two years ago, Karen has gained many skills that help her support her participants. Some of the areas Karen has developed her skills include computer skills, administration skills, industry knowledge and personal development, such as her confidence. Through webinars, training and on-the-job experience, Karen is constantly looking for opportunities to offer the best support possible for the TRACQS community.  

Recently Karen has had the opportunity to expand her impact by offering support to new participants through the Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs initiative. Speaking with farmers in the local area, Karen and the team can bridge the gap between people looking for work and employers looking for workers.   

“As a mature aged employee, I hope I can be an inspiration for many job seekers who feel they might be too old to learn new skills. I have enjoyed the past two years and hope to continue learning new skills to help job seekers into employment.”

– Karen.

There’s no doubt that Karen is an essential part of the TRACQS team, and we’re sure she will continue to positively impact the local communities she sees each day.