At TRACQS, we’re able to support the community in such a personal way because our team is made up of locals.

Christopher, for example, is one of our Employment Consultants and is a Traditional Owner in Kuranda.

Growing up there for the majority of his life, Christopher knows Kuranda, and the community like the back of his hand.

His passion for culture and the locals, has allowed him to become a board member of the Djabugay Tribal Aboriginal Corporations. As part of his involvement, Christopher works to improve the economic development and land management for his people.

Throughout his work life, Christopher has had a variety of jobs, including working in higher education, training and employment, native title, copyright law and community support services.

Now, he is a valued team member at TRACQS, where he works with job seekers to help them reach their potential. He particularly enjoys being able to support the youth in Kuranda by reminding them that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough.

We’re so lucky to have Christopher in our team, as his community involvement is appreciated not only by our participants but also by the people of Kuranda.