TRACQS Employment and Outreach Service Manager, Rosalie.
TRACQS Employment and Outreach Service Manager, Rosalie.

Say hello, to TRACQS Employment and Outreach Service Manager, Rosalie aka ‘Sali’.  

Having lived, worked and raised a family in the local community for over 33 years, Sali is a true Kuranda local with a lot of heart and passion for community involvement.  

Born in Cairns and traveling the world with her family, Sali spent her early years living in Germany and Papua New Guinea.  

After coming back to Australia and completing six successful years of Public Service in Canberra, Sali returned to her original roots and settled locally in the mid-80’s. During that time in her life, Sali owned and operated her own local business for 10 years, as well as lending her talents to a wide range of community activities and events including theatre productions, festivals, movies, concerts and variety shows. Her most rewarding achievement in that time however has been raising her three daughters.  

Having worked in the employment industry prior to starting at TRACQS, Sali was more than ready to take on the role as a manager. With her work ethic, bubbly personality and commitment to providing support for the Kuranda community, Sali is a well loved and respected member of the TRACQS team.  

As Employment and Outreach Service Manager, Sali’s job is to provide leadership and oversight to maximise outcomes and quality delivery of outreach services.  

When talking about her role, Sali said she’s, “blessed to be working for TRACQS and appreciates the changes, visions and values of the company.” 

“I enjoy working in my own community only four minutes from home. Home is where the heart is and I hope to keep making a difference and to see our community thrive.”