Performance and theatre work is an art form – one that provides an outlet for passion, creativity, and teamwork.

As part of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP), participants collaborated with Jute Theatre Company, Youth Link, and Kuranda Neighbourhood Centre to workshop and develop a performance piece entitled “TORN” – a short performance created by the Kuranda Youth Theatre Project.

The production started modestly. Each rehearsal session began with movement and stretches to awaken the senses and bring awareness to the physical space. By doing these exercises, performers sparked creativity and confidence that allowed them to develop writing patterns and production plans that came together, piece by piece.

The small group element allowed complete ownership over the production, from painting set pieces to designing and sourcing costumes.

The workshops and rehearsals promoted a sense of inclusivity, with one participant sharing that their social anxiety had lessened as a result of increased confidence and happiness.

“I found the workshops to be very enjoyable and therapeutic, it has reignited my own daily yoga practice,” the participant said.

“I even feel my own personal confidence has been strengthened.

“I can’t speak highly enough of this project, and I truly hope to see more like this in our community in the future,” they said.

The group’s passion, hard work, and collaboration culminated in their “TORN” performance being held on the main stage of the Kuranda Amphitheatre, with an outstanding audience turnout of community members.

The group members additionally held a post-show workshop discussing their performance and process with the audience to encourage future engagement.

“Right from the start, I was sucked in and taken for a ride.

“I experienced a whole gamut of emotions…

“The workshop at the end was so much fun. They did a fantastic job,” one audience member commented.

TRACQS would like to congratulate participants on a wonderful workshop and performance and would like to thank Youth Link, Jute Theatre Company and Kuranda Neighbourhood Centre for their successful community collaboration for the Kuranda Youth Theatre Project.

Director / Producer for video and photography
Xj Chin