Lillian, Time to Work Employment Services Officer

Today we’d like to introduce you to another member of the TRACQS team to you, Lillian, Time to Work Employment Service Officer. Lillian has worked with TRACQS for three years and has made an impact in Kuranda through multiple areas of TRACQS’ services.

Lillian has lived in Kuranda for over 40 years. She has three children and nine grandchildren throughout the surrounding area of Cairns. In her free time, Lillian enjoys NRL football, gardening, and most importantly, spending time with loved ones.

“I am a very proud, strong Aboriginal woman. I come from the Waka Waka and Kalkadoon tribes, and I also come from a very strong and determined family who have been successful in life,” says Lillian.

Over the years, Lillian has collected an impressive selection of training certificates, including a Secretarial Course through the Cairns Business College, a Diploma in Business Management and Community Development, and various additional short courses to progress her Professional Development.

Lillian started working at TRACQS in November 2020 as an Employment Consultant, assisting TRACQS participants in accessing training, work and additional support opportunities. After more than a year of dedicated support to the Kuranda community, Lillian made the decision to step into a new role within TRACQS. In June 2022, Lillian transitioned into the role of Time to Work Employment Service Officer.

Time to Work Employment Services is an Australian Government initiative that provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients being released from prison. This initiative helps TRACQS clients to develop a pathway forward that recognises their unique strengths, needs and culture. Our aim is to ensure that people are connected to the support they need to reintegrate into the community after their release, which includes connection to their post-release employment service provider.

Lillian regularly travels to Lotus Glen Correctional Centre to meet and support Time to Work Employment Services clients. Through building strong connections, Lillian supports her clients’ journeys to reintegration with their local communities post-release, which she says is a very rewarding experience.

Lillian can be described as a generous and thoughtful person who has and continues to use her talent to support TRACQS clients. Her ambition and passion for the role have helped to uplift the people around her, particularly within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

“I have given others the opportunity to embrace and appreciate who they are as an Aboriginal person. Locally I am involved in keeping our culture alive, and as a role model, creating avenues for young individuals like me, which fosters the establishment and development of their talents that can ultimately benefit our society,” says Lillian.

We’re incredibly grateful to have someone like Lillian leading the way in supporting our communities and offering a helping hand to both pre and post-release clients to ensure they have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you for your dedication to Time to Work Employment Services, Lillian!