As a part of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP), we offer several unique activity groups for our participants to take part in.    

One of those diverse activity groups is TRACQS Kuranda Photography, which allows our participants to develop skills in photography. Recently, our talented TRACQS Kuranda Photography Supervisor, Greg Hillman, was involved in conducting a photo shoot, collaborating with talented Special Effects Makeup Artist, Sue Kim.

“I wanted them [participants] to see there were other avenues within the photography industry that might interest them, makeup and special effects are a big part, and assisting is the best way to get involved and to learn photography,” said Greg. 

Everyone felt extremely lucky to have worked with Sue, as she has over 16 years specialising in special effects and has worked with a variety of big-name clients including Adidas, Nike and Coca-Cola.   

Keeping the shoot as local as possible, Greg wanted to ensure Indigenous models were used.   

The ‘Forest Goddess’ shoot was a huge success for everyone involved, including TRACQS participant Damian, who was there to assist on the day.    

As a part of the TRACQS Kuranda Photography activity group, our participants learn a variety of different skills, meaning that each participant has an opportunity to find a skill that is unique to them.   

“The post-processing (editing) was useful to show editing skills to the participants, as they were keen to see the images finished. So, I did some classes showing the editing process which included photoshopping different backgrounds in, adding shadows to sell the realistic look, colour blending, adding lens flares and light rays,” explained Greg.   

Getting the chance to utilise those editing skills was TRACQS CDP participant Eugenio, who put together an engaging highlight reel of the day.

The TRACQS Kuranda Photography Activity Group has proven to be a huge success and is widely loved by our CDP participants.    

“The participants who attended really enjoyed the experience. I encouraged them to have a say if they had any ideas during the shoot on posing or lighting.”   

This activity group has continued to produce some amazing creative content, and we’re looking forward to seeing the fantastic work still to come.