In the fight to combat and halt the spread of COVID-19, TRACQS recently heeded the call to produce much-needed sanitisers and face masks for use across our community.

As part of our services of the Community Development Program (CDP), the team recently took the initiative in combating the concern of not only the Workplace Health and Safety of our CDP Participants, Supervisors and TRACQS staff but also the communities in which we operate.

The initiative fell into the hands of our Kowrowa Food Preparation Activity Group, and soon kicked into full gear as our team of Supervisors and Participants began researching and then sourcing potential recipes and products to produce sanitisers. 

The team then began the production of a surface and hand sanitiser spray and gel, all fitted with pumps and bottles, all from our commercial kitchen.

In total, our team produced 130 litres of hand and surface sanitiser to distribute for use across our community.

All TRACQS Activities, fittings, equipment and offices have since been completely sanitised and stocked with additional supplies. TRACQS staff were invited to attend a meeting where they met with the team at Kuranda Medical Centre and Kuranda Interagency groups. 

A shortage of sanitiser and difficulty obtaining it was one of the primary outcomes from this meeting and TRACQS then offered to provide sanitiser to community groups. TRACQS has since supplied the Kuranda Medical Centre with much-needed sanitiser and will continue to do so for as long as possible or necessary.

TRACQS also negotiated with Ngoonbi Community Services Indigenous Corporation who traded gloves for sanitiser and the gloves are also now being distributed throughout the community.

Our sanitiser spray was also provided to Kuranda community members in need and the food pantry at Kuranda Neighbourhood Centre (KNC) for use before and after giving or receiving goods.

Our Kuranda office staff have also provided much-needed items to the KNC hamper for those in need, including rice, cereal, spaghetti, toilet paper, soap and hygiene products from gold coin collections for Casual Friday.

TRACQS Dimbulah Creative Industries Activity has begun production and manufacture of Face Masks as a Work from Home activity, and we aim to start further distribution to our vulnerable community members on completion.