TRACQS thank you card standing up alongside some handmade weaved baskets

At TRACQS, we are continuously encouraging our participants to be authentic, creative and to take on new opportunities, so they can reach their potential. With each participant harbouring unique talents and interests, we have developed an online space for them to share their work with the rest of the world.

TRACQS is pleased to announce that we have launched an online store, where you can browse and purchase Indigenous Artwork and other creations – made by both our Indigenous and Non – Indigenous participants. 

Founded last year, the store came together to combat the challenges we faced during COVID-19, with the unfortunate temporary suspension of our services for the Community Development Program (CDP).

The need to move events online inspired us to find ways to keep-up our community engagement while also helping our participants grow, during an unpredictable period.

“The idea behind our online store initiative, was to give our participants the opportunity to experience selling their good online. This is meant to be a ‘small business incubator initiative’. Make it, Cost it and Market it for sale in a safe and encouraging environment.”

Leading the store is our TRACQS Creative Communities CDP activity, which provides our participants access to our live e-commerce platform, where they learn how to sell their products.

‘Participants often express how pleased they are to have access to an online store and the TRACQS Creative Communities activity.  As Supervisor, I am very excited to match our support options with what our participants require to thrive and make confident and informed choices regarding their business goals, said TRACQS, Activity Supervisor Maree.

The participants who are creating the products and learning to sell them find the most benefit, as they can generate an income and strengthen their business goals.

TRACQS activity supervisor Maree with participants Lillian and Zane, working on their laptops updating the TRACQS store
Working on the TRACQS Store.
Left to right: Activity Supervisor Maree Gray, TRACQS Participant Lillian and TRACQS Participant Zane.

Thinking ahead, Simon said the main goal of the store will lie with the growth of the participants.

“A great outcome will be that we have fostered the dream of turning hobbies and creative talents into small business online retailers.”

We are thrilled to launch this new extension of our website and to share this with you all. So, get your card details ready, because we have got some fantastic items in need of a new home!