With COVID-19, our services for the Community Development Program (CDP) have been restricted as we continue to follow government instructions and guidelines regarding social distancing.   

However, we still want to lend a helping hand to our community by providing our support and expertise wherever we can.   

Recently, TRACQS Kuranda Photography Supervisor, Greg, took the initiative to assist some of Kuranda’s growing models and artists to help them showcase their work.  

Greg teamed up with local Indigenous models Benita, Tysharna and Emily to help them build up their portfolio.   

You may remember these lovely ladies from our previous work with TRACQS Kuranda Photography as a part of our services for the Community Development Program.   

Benita and Tysharna were featured in our collaboration with talented SFX Makeup Artist, Sue Kim, and Emily in our Cheryl Creed`s Murrii Quu Couture shoot at the Kuranda Amphitheatre.  

The photos came out great thanks to the help of Makeup Artist Joanne Heming, and designer Cheryl Creed for the gown worn by Emily as a part of her Label, Murrii Quu Couture.

Although we’re limited to the work we can do during these challenging times, we still want to continue supporting local talent as best we can.   

Greg also had the opportunity to work with local music artists Zami Coleman (Z.D.C) and Aden Brim. Both Zami and Aden are from long-time local families and are well recognised within the Kuranda community.   

Having a reputable history of performances as a local band, we are grateful to have helped the two boys with promoting Z.D.C’s new song, ‘Family’, featuring Aden Brim.   

Be sure to check out the music video for their newly released track, here.