Teen Character Clothing: Tica Jumper

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A grey hoodie for those hard days, its soft and cosy inside with its fur like fabric. Its hood has a draw string so you can close yourself off from the outside world for a second of peace. The creature on the front is just one the many little creatures drawn out of Che’la’s own mind, a series she calls her Crazy Creatures, this one a representation of Anxiety. The wording on the back It’s getting Crazy in There is a hint at the constant running of an anxious mind.


Tica is my Anxiety riddled little fox, always Nom Nom Noming on something, from biscuits, bricks, and especially her own fingernails as a way to express her stress Che’la explains.


Style: Casual

Material: Polyester/Cotton blend

Size: 12

Photo Credits:  Creative Communities

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Multi modal artist, writer, vocalist and performer Che’la Nicholls-Gray explores various creative methods to express her unique view of the world.

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