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Marie Horne

From the moment Marie could hold a crayon, she expressed her creativity any chance she could. Starting at a very young age with unappreciated crayon murals on the walls of a family home, Marie never stopped expressing her creativity. 

With her artistic passion later developed through a Visual Arts Degree, Marie is an accomplished artist, often experimenting with the fantastical. 

Growing up in central Europe with an artistic and creative family, surrounded by rich European history, exposed to culture, art and theatre, Marie’s creativity flourished.

After her arrival to Australia in her teens in the early 90’s, Marie continued with her artistic pursuits. Falling in love with Australia and the diverse natural environment here, Marie calls Australia home.

Often drawing inspiration from nature and her pagan beliefs, Marie creates one-of-a-kind, unique handcrafted treasures.

From digital composition to the tactile pursuit of hand crafting, Marie has dabbled in many creative disciplines. 

With her love of nature and natural environment, Marie prefers to re-purpose wherever she can, rather than use new materials. She would rather use scraps of fabric or yarn bought second hand than buy new. She finds each scrap inspirational in some way.

We are pleased to introduce to you Marie, her work can be viewed and purchased online or in-store at our gallery shop.

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