Ceramic Witches Rune Amulets

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Handmade pendants representing some of the witches runes (of which there are 13).  There are 3 runes that are not in this list which are Woman, Crossroads and eye.

Pendant imagery is created through pressing an old wooden stamp into ceramies.  This process leaves a rustic and tactile imprint giving you the sense they are aged.

Sun– represents new beginnings, health and vitality and good news

Moon– changes, hidden things, feminine energies

Flight– movement, communication, travel

Rings-combination of elements into something new, creativity

Romance– love and relationships, harmony

Man– Masculine energies, father, protection

Harvest– self reliance, blessings, and rewards

Star– purpose in life, freedom, and acceptance of self

Waves-movement, connection to the spiritual, being in the moment

Scythe– Sudden change or ending, final decisions and completed tasks.  Can mean danger.

Materials    Stoneware Ceramics, silver chain, cord, metal jewellery rings, lobster clasps

Dimensions  Rune sizing 3cm x 2.5cm, Silver Chain hang length 23cm, Black cord hang length 21cm

Credits  Photos by Creative Communities, meanings provided by Artist.




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