Emu Feather Fascinator

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I am a Bundjalung woman and this is an all handsewn fascinator. Made mostly from Emu feathers representing my connection to my “Emu Dreaming” totem. Lined with hessian and fabric, groups of emu feathers bound and hand sewn on with red banana band, woven with emu feathers,  around the edge with Royal Poinciana seeds sewn on and finished off with a Quandong seed and woven emu feather and lomandra adornment sewn on . I love working with natural fibres and seeds that the land provides with the emu feathers. I have designed this for the eco conscious woman who would love to have that connection to country from an indigenous woman’s  perspective.

1 in stock

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Meet the Artist

Weaver : Painter : Artefact Creator

Gifted with ‘Emu’ dreaming by her ancestral grandmother, Sandy channels these memories into her work inspiring a diverse range of creative works including basketry and painted artefacts that reflect her connection to country and spirit.

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