Wrap around neck/ hat necklace

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I am an Indigenous woman from Bundjalung country, living on Djabugay country.

This is a wrap around the neck necklace that is all handpainted with a goanna on the gumnuts with Red Bead Tree seeds, quandong seeds from central dessert, burdekin plum seeds, handpainted small burnie beads, nuts and adorned with Emu feathers. It is sometimes worn by dancers when doing traditional dance.

This design was gifted to me by Djabugay woman Georgina Brim who gifted me the quandong seeds and I put my touch to it. I wish to pay respect, acknowledgement and thanks to Georgina Brim and the elders past and present of Djabugay country. It will hang to about waist length the gumnuts.

Dimensions    L: 140cm (feather tip to feather tip)

Materials        Seeds- Red bead, quandong, burdekin plum, gumnut, emu feathers, acyrilic paint

Credits            Photography by Creative Communities

1 in stock

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Gifted with ‘Emu’ dreaming by her ancestral grandmother, Sandy channels these memories into her work inspiring a diverse range of creative works including basketry and painted artefacts that reflect her connection to country and spirit.

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