Emu Feather Dilly Bag

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Description  Sandy Scott has mastered the use of the emu feather in her amazing dilly bag creations.   By combining the emu feather as she weaves the dilly bag, Sandy has created a unique technique perfected over time.  This dilly bag is the smaller version of Sandy’s larger dilly bag also stocked on this site.  Colourful and quirky, simply beautiful

Style  Tight weave

Material  Lomandra, ethically sourced / hand dyed emu feathers, raffia

Dimensions       BH  (Basket Height)  6 cm

BW (Basket Width) 7 cm

HH (Handle Height)  42 cm

Out of stock

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Meet the Artist

Weaver : Painter : Artefact Creator

Gifted with ‘Emu’ dreaming by her ancestral grandmother, Sandy channels these memories into her work inspiring a diverse range of creative works including basketry and painted artefacts that reflect her connection to country and spirit.

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